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Heather Winters Bull, Principal Licensed Fiduciary has twenty years of fiduciary industry experience. Heather Bull holds a Bachelors Degree from Northern Arizona University and has been an Arizona Supreme Court Licensed Fiduciary since 2001.  Ms. Bull is also a National Certified Guardian with the Center for Guardianship Certification.


Her years of service include serving on the Board of Directors of ValleyLife and the ValleyLife Foundation, acting as Vice President of the Arizona Fiduciaries Association, and serving as a Board Member of the Human Service Professionals West organization. Heather Bull is also an active member of the National Guardianship Association.


Heather has dedicated her life to the service of the vulnerable community as a mother of children with a disability, Guardian of her developmentally disabled brother, and as a care provider for a loved one suffering from Alzheimers.  


Heather has participated on numerous legislative committees, presented educational seminars, and developed accounting and reporting programs to promote administrative transparency and efficiency in the management of clients estates.


In addition to her fiduciary experience, Heather reviewed court accounts and provided recommendations to the Maricopa County Superior Court as a Probate Court Accountant.  


As an industry leader, Heather Winters Bull has participated in lobbying efforts to promote positive changes in the fiduciary industry and she continues to vigorously advocate for ethics in the fiduciary profession.